The hirer’s verbal or written reservation is valid according to the information in our brochure and commits him/her to observe the general conditions without reservations.

Our boats can also be rented for 10/11 days (for example Saturday to Wednesday). For the price calculation, the weekly price is divided by 7 and multiplied by the number of days in each period.

An initial payment of 30% of the holiday price is due with your booking, the remaining total is due 1 month before the voyage. Failure to pay  the balance on the due date will be interpreted by snaily as a notice of cancellation (see below).

Should you cancel your booking for any reason, you will be charged € 120.- handling costs per booking. If you cancel your voyage less than 3 months before the beginning of the cruise you will be charged the following rates:
from 90 to 61 days before:   25% of the arrangement price
from 60 to 46 days before:   50% of the arrangement price
from 45 to 0 days before:   100% of the arrangement price

A cancellation insurance must be concluded. If the hirer is not already in possession of one, snaily will charge approximately 4% of the arrangement price together with the booking. This is to guarantee the insured the repayment of the cancellation expenses which would have been due to the company in accordance with the cancellation conditions. The insurance is valid if the hirer cancels the booking before departure for one of the following reasons:
- Serious illness, serious accident, death of the insured, of his/her spouse, of any near relative.
This guarantee covers all members of the crew. Cancellation for any of the above reasons should be made in writing to snaily within 5 days of the incident accompanied by the relevant documents: notice of dismissal or redundancy, medical certificate, death certificate etc.

Whenever possible, changes can be made for an extra charge of € 120.- per booking.

One member of the crew must be 18. At the time of departure, snaily issues a temporary cruising permit on behalf of the authorities. As such, snaily reserves the right not to hand over the boat to any person who, in the opinion of the local manager, is not suitable to take charge of it.

The boat and its equipment are insured against damage resulting from collision or impact and against the hirer’s liability to other parties. Although the hirer is responsible for each claim, that responsibility is restricted to the balance of the security deposit of € 2000.- left with snaily at the commencement of the hire. The hirer’s personal effects are NOT covered by this insurance. No liability can be accepted for loss or damage to clients’ property, baggage, motor cars, etc., however caused.

snaily charges € 50.-  for additional cleaning costs per pet (payable by departure). The hirer is obliged to bring all the necessities and not to use the boat equipment.

Linen and a fully equipped kitchen for the maximum number of crew members. Open bottle of propane gas and a maximum of one 13 kg gas bottle. Boat Insurance.

Consumption of fuel. Propane gas consumption over 13 kg. Documents (navigation map, captain’s manual, tourist map of the region). Cancellation insurance.

A free demonstration run is given at the time of takeover to explain the controls of the boat and its equipment. The boat is available from 4 pm onwards on the takeover day. The hirer must return the boat and vacate it on the final day of hire by 9 am in a clean and tidy condition. The hirer is advised that snaily reserves the right to charge an additional cleaning fee of € 80.-.

The orders of snaily and the navigation service have to be followed strictly. Please observe the canal speed limit of 6 km/h.

The hirer is responsible for the boat and its safe navigation. In the event of an accident or damage the hirer must notify snaily immediately with full details. snaily reserves the right to decide the further procedure.

snaily reserves the right to reverse the direction of the cruise for operational reasons or reasons beyond its control.

No responsibility will be accepted for loss of time or expenses incurred through accidental damage to the boat while in the hirer’s command. No liability can be accepted for loss, damage or any expenses occurring during the cruise as a result of a defect or breakdown; unless the incident is reported to snaily immediately and is proven to be due to negligence on its part, that steps can be taken to repair the boat or remedy the service. snaily is responsible for consequences due to a delay or for program changes caused by breakdown, unforeseen defects, obstruction, closures, repairs or damage to navigational works or bridges, flooding, shortages of water, industrial action or any other cause. The right is also reserved to restrict the cruising area without notice if unusual or hazardous conditions prevail. No financial alterations will be made in any of these circumstances.